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Title: Once upon a time
Fandom: Doctor Who/Highlander
Summary: Methos tells a story

“Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away... yes laugh Joe, but this beginning is more apt than you think. So once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, there was a race of Lords, powerful as gods, arrogant as only the powerful can be and cold as the crystal domes under which they lived.

“For many centuries they lived in the peace of rigid rules and the prosperity that stagnation disguises itself as. But all things end, and so did their peace. A race of creatures, bred to hate and kill, rose and the Lords went to war.

“War raged through time and space, planets vanished as if they never had existed and billions upon billions died. A group among the highest of the Lords, afraid they could not win the war made a secret plan.

“They created a undying warrior race, invulnerable to the weapons of their enemy, and scattered the babes they produced through time, hidden among humans, those clever little apes that always survived.

“They set their creations upon one another, so the strong would gain the power of the weak, and when they would be called upon to go to war against the enemies of the Lords, only the strongest would be alive to answer, already well trained for the fight.

“That is the story I heard about our origins...and I’ve also heard told that in the end we were these Lords’ greatest sin.”

With that Methos drunk the last of his beer, grabbed his coat and left Joe’s bar.
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