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While I'm at it I might as well post some of my own fic:

Three drabbles:

Title: An old man's wisdom
Fandom: Morrowind/Oblivion
Summary: What  Caius Cosades was doing during the Oblivion crisis.


The hero of kvatch sat staring into his beer in a dark corner of Luther Broads boarding house in the imperial city. An older imperial entered and looked around. His eyes moved over the assorted patrons and stopped briefly when he noticed the bedraggled man in the corner. Swiftly and soundlessly he moved over.

“What brings you here stranger?” The older man asked.

“Go away, old man.” Was the only answer.

“Well now, son. My name is Caius Cosades and maybe I can help you with whatever trouble you seem to be having.”

“What makes you think that, old man?”

“Let us just say that I have some experience with all kinds of things. I'm sure I'll be able to help.”

“They expect me to solve the murder of the emperor, or something, just because I happened to be there,” the younger man snorted, “like I asked for the escape tunnel to go through my cell.

“And then, just because I delivered the bleeding amulet, I ended up in bloody kvatch.

“ I am their divines-cursed problem solver. They probably want me to close the oblivion gates too, while I'm at it. I never asked for all this, you know...” Another snort.

Then, “I'm sorry I probably said too much.”

Caius smiled, “now don't apologize, young man. I happened to know someone like you once. In Vvardenfell it was. Born on a certain day to uncertain parents...”


Title: The siege of Kvatch
Fandom: Oblivion/Discworld
Summary: It contains the Luggage

It was a dark night when the gates to Oblivion opened in the great city of Kvatch.

As the daedric hordes descended onto the city something woke in a dusty treasure room in the bowels of the castle. A careful observer would have noticed the impression of a grin (though none would have been visible) and a clear sense of glee.

The being left the room and tore through castle and deadra alike (often causing screams of pain and fear in the latter), and jumped through the open Oblivion gate.

As the guards made their way to the main square shortly afterwards, all they found were a multitude of daedric body parts and a scorch mark were the gate had once been standing.

When later a chest was found to be missing from the castle, it was thought to have been stolen in all the confusion. (Although no one could be found guilty of the theft)

But long after the pitter-patter of little feet could be heard on the planes of Oblivion...


Title: Old Friends
Fandom: NCIS/Stargate SG-1
Summary: Two old soldiers meet again

Jethro Gibbs had known Jack O'Neill since a mission in South America in the late eighties, the details of which would probably never be declassified. They had become good friends and remained in contact afterwards.


Jack's CO General Hammond and another Air Force General named Carter seemed to be good men as well, and he could see why Jack liked them.


But for the life of him he couldn't understand the hilarious laughter when the generals mentioned to Jack that the in-flight movie had been 'Snakes on a Plane.'

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